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Moana Project Space
Perth, WA

22.03.2013 - 14.04.2013

"A responsive body of site-specific and durational artworks were made during a three-week intensive residency at Moana Project Space, a new white-cube gallery that sits within a historic architectural framework. Wall plugs, screws and pencil markings - the debris residue from the installation of Moana Project Space’s preceding exhibition - provided the impetus for material and spatial investigations, as I engaged with both the explicit and subtle histories embedded within the space’s fabric.

In temporarily positioning the typically private practice of making within a public forum, this residency marked a continuation of my explorations in blurring artistic content with gallery context, as well as furthering my interest in dissolving the conventions that delineate studio from exhibition space, and that separate process-based work from more concrete aesthetic forms."

Acknowledgements: David Attwood and Ella McDonald