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Kings Artist-Run
Melbourne, VIC

07.02.2014 - 01.03.2014

Co-curated by David Attwood and Shannon Lyons

Dirty presents artworks by artists that collectively engage with the notion of 'dirty minimalism,' a term used to describe the problematisation of a minimalist aesthetic through the appropriation of external influences. Artists in the exhibition all employ the tenets of Minimalism in conjunction with historical, social, cultural and political content. Striving to evade the art historical readings of Minimalism’s Modernist heritage (as in its cold austerity, internal inflection and material objectivity) each artist infuses their work with external reference, revelling in disorder, politics, humour and the abject body.

An interactive artwork was produced for Dirty, exhibited alongside works by David Attwood, Rebecca Baumann, Marco Bruzzone and Thomas Rentmeister.