SELECTED PROJECTS > All that was in the space was a café style chair

John Curtin Gallery
Perth, WA

27.11.2015 - 13.12.2015

SoDA15 presented artwork by six PhD students from Curtin University's School of Design and Art postgraduate program.

“A new site-specific work All that was in the space was a cafe style chair was produced for SoDA15. A component of this work was comprised of a series of painted postcards that I sent via post to the John Curtin Gallery from Sydney while artist in residence at gallery Sydney Non Objective (SNO). Each postcard contained a painted rendition of a small, incidental or incongruous mark that I noticed while working in one of the galleries at SNO. Both the material and formal composition of the paintings assisted in building up a 'picture' of the SNO gallery space, for a viewer elsewhere. The accompanying structure, an architectural insertion that echoes the SNO gallery space, was built in the John Curtin Gallery in an attempt to dually reflect some of the architectural particularities of the SNO gallery, and to call into question the specificities of the JCG site.”