Shouldn't be so complicatedShouldn't be so complicatedShouldn't be so complicatedShouldn't be so complicated (detail)Shouldn't be so complicated
Shouldn't be so complicated
Emely Baker Building, Edinburgh Gardens
North Fitzroy, Vic.

06.05.18 - 20.05.18

Curated by Amelia Winata

Far from neutral, architecture often represents certain dominant groups at the exclusion of others. Melbourne-based curator and writer Amelia Winata presents Wayfind in an attempt to awaken the viewer’s consciousness to question the deeper narratives at play in our built environment.

Through a series of new commissions by Australian artists – Jessie Bullivant, Dean Cross, Debris Facility, Brian Fuata, Shannon Lyons and Spence Messih – Wayfind presents new perspectives on the political and social aspects of architecture that are often ignored: neo-liberalism, colonialism, heteronormativity and gender specificity. Held at the Emely Baker Building, a former council-run child and maternal health centre, the exhibition features site-specific installations, interventions and improvised performance works – designed to connect audiences to the indirect and not so subtle politics inherent in everyday architecture.